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Pasadena Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning For All Furniture And Specialty Needs

Upholstery Cleaning is perfect for all your furniture that needs to be cleaned. Whether it is a large piece or a very small piece, we are able to clean it. We are extremely gentle as to not damage any of the fabric but try our best to get in those hard to reach crevices and layers.

Our steam upholstery cleaner uses high heat to capture all of the dirt and odor that is beneath the surface, making it easier for you to enjoy your furniture, and not have to clean it. We are green cleaners and prefer not to use chemicals that are harsh to your furniture and unfriendly to the environment.

Dry Cleaning And Sofa Cleaning Solutions

Our upholstery dry cleaning is ideal for those pillows, or shams that haven't been cleaned in a while. Other upholstery jobs that we offer are sofa cleaning services. Instead of throwing that sofa away that you don't use, turn your waste into treasure. We clean through the fabric, and underneath the pillows. This is perfect for those who love thrift shopping or finding hidden gems on the street.

Sofa And Couch Cleaning Alternatives

If you want an extremely detailed clean option to steam clean couch, we will provide you one. This service is best for those really dirty stains, odors, dust, and allergens. With this upholstery cleaning, you can't go wrong. Because of the sophisticated nature of our equipment, we do a superior job each time for all our cleaning jobs.

Our furniture steam cleaner is efficient and does the job well. This service is perfect for those dining room chairs that collect dirt year after year. We can do deep cleaning for these and get your home looking great. Our upholstery cleaning has various methods and styles, but we're sure you'll find one that fits your needs.

Many people try to do their own couch cleaning service and end up with horrible results. Anytime you steam clean couches it should be done by a professional such as the technicians with Pasadena Carpet Cleaning. To fully get down into the fabric of your couch, you have to know what you are doing. We offer the best couch cleaning in the city with the best prices.

Affordable Cleaning Services